Rating & Review Policy

Note: I am currently NOT accepting review copies. My list of reviews that I've committed to has taken me past July and I have a lot going on in August-October and don't want to commit to anything I shouldn't. However, if you'd like me to feature your book just in a 'Book Spotlight', please feel free to email me with all the details. I will still only feature books, however, on a case-by-case basis. Thank you.

This blog is entirely run by me, Christy. All of the views expressed are my own, unless otherwise noted. All of the book reviews on here are of books that I have purchased myself, they were purchased for me as a gift, or I received them from authors/publishers. If I received a book from an author/publisher, I did NOT receive any compensation. I only received said books in exchange for an HONEST review.

Did not finish, or it was just completely horrible.
Finished, but do not recommend as there were numerous issues and I did not enjoy.

 Enjoyed but there were a few issues that made it less than amazing.
Amazing read! Almost perfect. You need to read this!
Absolutely amazing book! About as perfect as it gets. I will shout to the rooftops how much you need to read this!

I really do not like to give a book less than a three-quill rating but it can and DOES happen. Know that if I do believe a book deserves less than three quills that NONE of my reviews are a personal attack on the author, just my honest, personal opinion based on that single work, alone. While I may post the rating on Amazon or Goodreads, I will NOT post any reviews on my blog for a book that I've opined should have less than three quills--unless it's a Netgalley review. To me, there is no point. My goal is to endorse books that I feel other readers would enjoy. I'm not here to bash an author's hard work.

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(Updated 6/10/14)